10 days

Ride or die.

An early lill’ morning session with David was on the menu. My kinda wod a la 10 days of Christmas.
Hey ho here we gooo!
1. deadlift
2. hang power cleans
3. jerks
4. front squats
5. burpees
7. goblet squats
8. situps
9. cal assault bike
10. pull ups
Aaaaand back again.
Very well played!! It was a fun one!

Cash flow money dollar dollar bill jaaooooo! Sunday the podcast about cash, money, para, flows will be recorded.
Wanna make money while sleeping? Make sure you rule the money so they don’t rule you. How much is ok to spend on food? And don’t be cheap (stupidcheap at least).
More on this in a pod nearby pretty damn soon! Yes!

We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?
Let’s hope I get in to that philosophy A now shall we? I have so much on my mind.

Let’s workworkworkworkwork.

I want this wall.




Back at it!

I’m back in the game folks.
Jumped on my bike this morning for a little running session.
Hästhagen IP
200m x2
400m x2
600m x2
100m x4
And yes, 400 meter is the most awful distance ever. You can’t run and hide, you just have to…run.

I had this sunny day off so I spent it the best way I could imagine. By the ocean. Have I told you I wanna live in a lighthouse some day?
Saw the beautiful sunset and the new moon rising. Magical! I do believe in magic.

Afternoon session at Crossfit 360 was a burner-blast!
30 overhead squats
600m row
30 lateral burpees
600m row
30 shoulder to overhead
600m row


3 rounds:
10 front squats
10 cal assault bike (I love the a.b.)

Sleep tight!

The show goes on-Lupe Fiasco. Listen to it! I have. Like 678 times now. That one and Good people-Jack Johnson. Thank me lateeer!



Bloody mess

We all bleed the same colour.

I ran to the box this morning (read: slow jog), and felt like someone from Remember the titans.

And here’s the reason for my fresh blood straight from the box. (Yesterdays crush).
reps of:
Power clean
Hang power clean
Shoulder to over head
& then
5 rounds:
10 cal assault bike
10 handstand pushups
10 GHD situps

Todays crush was a mash:
3 rounds of
20 cal assault bike
20 kettlebell swing
20 sumosquats
20 burpees to target
-and I ran home again!

Reload and relief.

Now it’s time for a podcast recording in the name of science. Very interesting. Don’t miss out! (I will pack my equipment right about now or else I’ll forget it and probably start to cry and we don’t want that).


So this is B+ blood. What if we can turn it into O-? More on that in the pod later this month.



Tougher than leather

The weekend!

I’ve been working, that’s a fact. But what does that matter when I’ve had the honor to hang around with the best friend one could ever imagine the rest of the hours? M-town delivers!

We started out hard with a shut-me-up-wod at Crossfit 360. And man, I miss you guys over there!! Assault bike and stuff was involved (no words needed). Felt awesome afterwards though.
Soft evening and real talk. Talk the talk and walk the walk.
Woke up to some fresh 400 meters intervals on Saturday. 400 x 5 and inbetween: 10 jumping lunges and 10 airsquats, rest one minute and the go again. Baam!

The thing is, people tend to think this is some kind of sacrifice to us. To train and pushing limits. But it ain’t. Not to me. Not for us. This is what I need to do to stay sane and to keep breathing. And I love it. And I love to breathe the breath of freedom. A privilege.
There’s no need for anyone to understand, but a need to respect my hustle.

As we speak I’m waiting for Livia to wake up so we can take a powerwalk and talk while we do the walk. We talk a lot. I could never, I repeat, NEVER do one of those mindfulness blablabla crap shit trips when you’re not allowed to speak during your stay. I’d probably murder someone.

I’d probably be a convicted murder if it wasn’t for Livia. What would I do without her? The one who understands, the one who listens, the one who always meets me with open arms, the one to rely on whenever where ever.
I love you so much and I’ll tell you this one thing when you wake up, I have a plan for us, and you’ll get head over heels sister!!

Happy 1st advent guys. It’s all good.

This piece of awesomeness is standing in her bedroom. Just sayin’. I’ll get the exact same.



Likes and dislikes

Wednesday, hello!

My wardrobe. How come, after all these years, I still have absolutely nothing to wear what so ever? Any given moment. I wanna go bananas with a scissor, throw everything out and start a new. The fashionista is dead, long live the hobo.
On top of my wish list is a coral red simple dress I can wear in Cuba.

Meatball sandwishes. We’ve been here before. I know. It’s just that it NEVER ENDS. It goes on and on and on in commuter trains and buses around our county. It’s killing me slowly. Meatballs and that grose beetrootjam stuffed in sweaty bread and a man (it’s always a man, higher middleage age) wraps it up and eat, loudly. It smells awful. Gaaaaahhwwd!

Carry stuff. EverydayImcarryingstuff. Back and forth, back and fooorth. I wish I could have a wardrobe, shitloads of facial products, plenty of food and like…a bed (?) everywhere I go. So I don’t have to bring everything with me aaaall the time. A miniversion of my life at every stop. That would be nice. Or someone carrying stuff around for me. Can I hire? Any takers?

Black Friday. Almost here. On Saturday like: “Where did all my money go?”
No but really, I need things, might aswell be smart for once? RIGHT?!

Todays training. Awesomeness. I felt strong and bendy.
40 minutes on the minute:
min 1: 20 double unders
min 2: 6 hang power clean
min 3: 8 burpee boxjumps
min 4: 10 goblet squats
10 rounds of course.
Maan whatta blast. My legs, improving over here. Carry me home.

Adventures. I’m going on an adventure. I don’t know where or when just yet but I’m on it.
Maybe climb a mountain, perhaps go dive somewhere or maybe a roadtrip in Africa. Run from China to Nepal, learn how to surf in Bali. What do I know? I need to do something for my adrenaline. It can’t wait and neither can I.

Hollaaaa!! Have a nice day sunshine!






The Hurricane

It’s actually a very a good thing in life…

…that you are allowed to change your mind and then change it again.

“You should do like this”, “Don’t do that”, “Have you ever tried to…”, “Be more like this”, “Why are you so much of that”, “You’re doing it wrong”, “Speak up”, “Calm down”, “Don’t do that”, “Don’t do this”.
Really now?
As if we’d get out of here alive?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman or because I’m transparent or because I get lost sometimes. But whater the reason may be I’d like to make it stop. The nonsense.

There are several forms in which you should fit in to if you want to be…be…well, what the hell do I know what they want me to be?
I do what I want as long as I feel like it. That goes with everything. Pretty basic if you think about it? People tend to take everything too damn serious. Come on now.
I know I can be out sailing on the big blue ocean with huge waves, but I actually built the damn ship myself and I learned how to sail to the shore. Belive it or not.

I think I wanna do some hardcore crossfit tonight, ahh today I’m up for a soft yoga class, hmm maybe I should do an ironman, how cool is that? I really wanna dance, what about ballet? Beautiful! Or climb a mountain? Yes!! I’m gonna be Renata Clumska! Wow!
I’m hungry, nah, I just want a smoothie, wonder if I have some chocolate left, no carbs, just carbs, I’ll be a vegetarian now. Look! Meat! I love meat so why not. Oatmeal is still best though. I’ll order from Holy greens I think. Not hungry at all. Perhaps some tea though. Nah I’ll make a cake.
Worworkworkworkwork. I wanna lay down. But it’s more fun if I have something to do. Medical pharmacy sounds exiting! But I love to meet new people. I wanna be social. What about the scientists life? I love my podcast. Maybe we should have an episode once a week! Or two!! No, to much. Maybe once a month, or more often anyway? I have a bunch of new subjects. Baam! Listen listen listen listen listen! We have important stuff on our minds! Listen!
I think I’ll have a gum, no two, three! Now I need four. Have to spit it out again, four was too much. (Is too spelled with one o or two oo?)
Let’s listen to hip hop! 2pac!! Or maybe som Tom Waits. I have a headache when I think about it. Need water. Or a coffee? I’ll have both.
I long for summer, sunshine and late nights. But I like spring aswell! The signs of new life and everything. And the fall. My god, the leaves! Winter is cool. I can’t skii, but I wanna learn! No. I don’t wanna learn. Don’t like snow. I hate snow. I wanna dive. I wanna wreckdive. YES! I have to book a trip to…Zansibar! Zanzibar? How is that spelled? Anyway, I have to go abroad. Perhaps live in Paris. I wanna dance, at the Moulin Rouge! Yeah! Dance all night and paint my days away. I should make that cake now. It will be ugly but it will taste good. Like everything I do.
But first, I’ll paint my toenails. Red. Or black, black is better. Black on the outside, shitloads of colour on the inside.

When you gotta delete your post because you’re just not the same person you were 6 minutes ago.

I can’t and I won’t stay calm and *insert something*.

Have a great day peeps!


Stop global whining.


You know when you wake up 7:00 am in the morning (that’s why they call it am, I know I KNOW) it’s Saturday and a nice little alarm from downstairs starts beeping so you just have to go up even though you could sleep like several hours more?
Well, it happened to me.

What to do? I jumped in my training clothes and went down to the box. Legs like a snail. Think I could use a rest day soon. Swicas leg-murder-sessions is killing me (or my legs at least). Crossfit Linchpin is always such an inspo. Today with a twist. See below.

I don’t wanna be negative but…
…spilled out saffron all over the floor.
…destroyed a plate in the oven.
…dropped my phone upside down. (Luckily, it’s still alive).
…breakfast wasn’t on point. (And I love a tasty breakfast soooo much. Damn.)

Ok. Onwards and upwards. Stop global whining.


Now I’ll take a smoke (sorry, not sorry).



The rules are there are no rules.


That’s right. I’m back!

I have several top lists ahead and more to come. But here’s one to start with:

What else? Hm. Shitloads of stuff, great stuff!! Where do I even begin…
I guess somewhere pretty f*cking awesome.

Things I wonder:
1. Do I know someone who is selling an iPhone?
2. Why am I always having trouble finding stuff in my handbag?
3. Where do birds sleep at night?
4. How come I know nothing about gigabytes? (Still.)
5. Where can I get a massage for free?
6. Does anyone really like green tea?
7. Can I do Fran under 5 minutes like ever?
8. Are you exited about our new podcast episode? (Liv4FuckingJen). It’s about M O N E Y. Stay tuned.
Mo money mo problems.

The blog you hate to love is back. Things about training, life, laugh and love aswell.

Hollaaaa at me if ya see me!


Take some


Thai-session at Redline. Oh my gooooood I’ve missed it. I hearby swear I’ll never be without thai-training this long ever again.
There’s something about the relief afterwards, something about using your body as a weapon, something about the atmosphere, something about the people there and the explosiveness to it. I love it and I need the mix for sure. Please remind me.

Also, I know that miss Jankulovska has a kickass knee that can take down anyone. I repeat. A N Y O N E. I’m glad I’m not a man and the fact that I don’t have balls. I guess a woman can take a pounding (like a million ways) better than a man. Just keep going. Even if you get a knee kick in the holiness.

We’ll be back next time around! Count on it!

Holy Greens with Livia happened! OH MY GOD HOW TASTY. Thank you guuurl for this lovely afternoon!

Several countdowns going on as we speak. Most important are 2.
1. Season premiere of Narcos. September 2nd.
2. A few days from now is everything.

Hollaaa! Catch u on the flip side!


Ovenbaked oats ftw!

Ovenbaked oatmeal. It’s no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal all times.

I love this! Try it and you will love it forever.

1 egg
1 dl oats
1 dl Lindahls quark
cinnamon (ofc!!)
2 tbsp peanut butter
cacao powder
a pinch of salt
0,5 banana
some milk
baking powder
Mixxxx into a nice batter and put in the oven 200 degrees for about 15 minutes or so.
Pick out and serve with bulletproof coffee, raspberries and Lindahls yoghurt.

Whatta way to start my day!!

Hollaaaa at me bro!