Next episode

The next episode.

The next episode in our brilliant podcast will be about POWER. What is power to you and what do you do with yours? When do you feel powerless and can you recall a time or place when you took the power over your life. Just like that? Gimme your story.
This episode will be recorded this Saturday.

I will give you my take on power and Livia will give you hers. I’ve been thinking about writing down my own story in a book, storys from my life you know. But every time I sit down and try, either my ADHD kicks in or I’m thinking about guns instead. And I guess that’s a bad sign huh?


My Monday was an asshole. You know it’s a hard knock life when you call your phone operator and suddenly burst into tears because he really listens to your problems with your internet and says kind words.
That kinda Monday yes.

Today was a good day. (In behalf).

Training was sweaty as great. I love it when you just crush. Don’t think, just do it.

Me all day everyday:



Gooodmorning Malmeee!

Started out with a great workout. I’m back b*tches. Feels re-heaaally nice.

7 min:
7 min:
Jump over plates
7 min:
cal row
rope climbs
Made the timecaps except for the last one.
Ok. So for the first time in a long time I decided NOT to wear long socks because of…well, the hype and stuff. Of course there’s rope climbs on the programming just because I don’t wear them. The one thing that the socks actually are for. Haha. What have I learned? Never listen to others. Okok. Aouch!!

I watched Ali Wongs Baby cobra yesterday and laughed my ass off. Hahaha, everything she said. Whatta woman! Truths to be heard. Bahahaha, watch it!
Made me think of a list.
Things I tend to forget or really don’t have the time to remember because I don’t care when it comes to driving:
1. How to install radio channels on the buttons.
2. If it’s turning the car key to the left or right when locking/unlocking the door.
3. Which side the fuel cap is located.
4. Which pump to use when filling KAY up. 1 or 2? 3 or 4? Too much.
5. To turn the lights on.

There ya go! But my mum thinks I’m a good driver.

Have a good one!





It’s Friday and I’m up, I’m out and about. Ay ayyy ayy!

Ok. Yesterday I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. You’ll hear more about it when I have sealed the deal. But I can tell you this. It’s a thing I’ve been waiting for to happen. Your talent plus helping others=your purpose. Hold your thumbs hard for me now will ya? Been waiting for this.

This morning was a blast! TeamWOD going on and shitloads of stuff to do in 50 minutes.
Teams of three and I crushed this mash up with Max & Lauren.
Cash in:
1350m run
1500m row
100 cal ab
-only one at the cardio, the others may help if they’re done

21 complex to share:
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 push jerk
1 back squat
1 squat clean

5 rounds to share:
25 kb thrusters
25 box jump over

150 snatches to share. Each drop=5 burpees

5 rounds.
50 air squats (together)
21 kbs (sync)
12 pull ups (sync)

Cash out same as cash in. We got to the last five rounds and maaaaan that’s enough. 50 minutes of burn. I loved it! Snatches, (the damn snitches) were worst. Great teamwork!! Well done us!

Thinking about hitting MBA tonight. Fun and games! A huge powernap, a chocolate cake later and I’m good to go I think.

Do I know anyone who shoot guns? I wanna!! I need a hobby besides training and shooting is awesome!



One life roll the dice.

It is fun to train they said! So I did this, inspired by the beauty Madde this morning:
10 cal assault bike
15 KBS @20kg
50 DU
12 cal row
And it was fun! At least afterwards you know. Hehe. Thanks guuuurl! 36 minutes and 45 seconds of sweat fear and loathing!

Had some squats going on aswell just because I love it.

Tonight it’s the bloodstream-run in Malmö town! Come visit me there and sign up to donate! Save a life or three, how about that? See ya!



Sweden mixup recap!

Gooodday ya’ll!

Lot’s of things in the making. My grass is getting greener and greener in my garden. I have big plans! BIG!

Sweden mix up happened yesterday! Way to GO team Rise and Grind! Kudos. We fought along with 63 hungry teams.
Here’s a quick recap:

5 rounds buddy carry
60 pullups
60 wall balls
60 toes to bar
60 thrusters
300 double unders
Thoughts about this one: We had a solid game plan. We followed it until the toes to bar happened, that was a killer for everyone, hehe. We knew it. And we got though it anyway of course. I love thrusters and I love double unders. So that was a blast! 196 double under before time cap was out (12 minutes). Greatness! Placed ourself 7th in this one.

U go, I go
Complex: 1 hang power clean, 1 front squat, 1 shoulder to overhead
Athlete one does this complex, athlete two holds a kettle bell while waiting to perform the complex.
It’s a ladder, so next round will be 2 hang power clean, 2 front squats, 2 STOH…and so on and so ON!
Thoughts abou this one: I love complexes. And I love everything about this complex. Goal was 10 rounds and we almost made 9. Felt good at all times. Flawless reps, didn’t get a single no rep. Landed somewhere in the middle of this game changer. Göran was speedy Gonzales on speed.

10 m walking lunges with kb
10 goblet squats
10 m walking lunges
10 m walking lunges with kb
10 kb-swings
10 m walking lunges
10 m walking lunges with kb
20 box jumps
10 m walking lunges
10 m walking lunges with kb
20 hr-burpees
10 m walking lunges
Thoughts about this one: Ok I hate sprints. I’m not that…explosive. I love long chippers, complexes. Looooong workouts. This is too much for me to handle. Hahaha. I was pretty slow in the start and I wish my legs were’nt that tired but hey! Whattchagonnado? Do it anyway. And I did. Göran made superhero-burpees in this one. Oh lord!

And we grabbed 13th spot outta 63 teams. Now that’s pretty damn good if you ask me. Of course we wanted to win. Who doesn’t? Everythig else would be a lie. But I’m honestly so very proud over us. I’m proud over the effort, the spirit and the game! (It’s all a game, for you who didn’t know, hehe). Thanks for the battle, for the fight!

Onward and upward! Forward. We never give up!

Huuuge thanks to everyone from Crossfit 360 who came and showed their support. Golden! Goooolden!
And to my base crew of course, means everything to me. Oh! The food afterwards, at Teheran. Persian food. Oh. My. God. My tastebuds, my life, I have…I have never. In my life, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE FOOD?! Oh man. All day every day I want that.

All and all. Awesome day and awesome night. Blessed am I!

In the zone side by side with Malik.




Wod 1.

Ay ay ayyyy!

Broken shoes, broken socks and a broken bike. Guess I’ll compete shoeless, sockless and use my feet instead of pedals. Seems legit.

Almost there. A few days left and the mental game has begun.

First workout released and I did a mini-version of it this morning (my part). Felt good. Will not fuck up the wall balls next time though. Hehe.
Great feeling in my body today.

Next one to be released 12:00 today-what will it BRING?! I really hope something with greatness in it. I have no doubts about it.

Keep on hustling!


DMX mash up

Saturday on top!

Started out with a sweaty little one.
Every 3d minute for 30 minutes:
12 cal assault bike
12 thrusters 25 kg
Baam! In my face!
I need to work on barbell efficiency so this was perfect for that mission.

Work work work work work. Threw off my scrubs in the sun during lunch-break. Eeeehhh, giving the Blood donation center a bad reputation. Sorry about that. I just need to get my tan and my D-vitamines. Hollaaaa!

And THEN teamwod happened. The sweaties one so far, don’t you just love it? I know I do! Teamed along with Nicky, and you know when one hyper meets another hyper-there will be an explosion!! And here’s what we did:
Saturday mash-up:
3 rounds:
300m run (together)
30 power snatch
30 front squats
Time cap: 18 min. We made it!
rest 3 min
3 rounds:
60 cal assault bike
30 strict HSPU
30 thrusters
Time cap: 18 min
We went into round 3. That damned assault bike assaulted us!
rest 3 min
3 rounds:
150 double unders
10 wall climbs
40 deadlifts
Time cap: 18 min
We made it!!
Oh giiirl I couldn’t wish for a better Saturday mash than this one with you. The exhaustion and the fatigue was a fact. Worst one in a long time. Yeah. Greatness! Now: fooooood pleaaase!

One week left now. Come at me bro! I’m ready. We are ready.

Tomorrow the episode with David Borgstrand Cruz will see daylight! Stay tuned peeps. Soon you don’t have to wait no more.
Oh Biggy! I almost forgot THIS is my favorite DMX: Ruff riders



Sun’s here!

Team WOD going strong!

Whatta way to start this Thursday, I’m free and all! In the sun and in the box with loads of great supermen and superwomen.
TeamWOD in the honor of a legendary member that’s moving to the U S and the A. Have a blast over there man!

Mr. Neco himself made this little bastard:
Teams of 4.
400m buddy carry
15 toes to bar
15 goblet squat
10 burpees
5 BMU/10 c2b
Athlete 1 must complete the different movements before the next can start. (Penalty: 2 athletes holding a weight).
Me, Daniela, Cissi & Jonny. Whatta team-we crushed and smashed. Good fun with these awesome peeps.
I don’t mean to brag, but for the very first time, I was brave enough to try BMU from a box. (You see, I slowed the team down e v e r y time it was my turn to do 10 c2b. So-fuck it! I ain’t no DNB (do nothing bitch) I have to try BMU scaled). And I did. I made them! Bravissimo me! Haha.

Best box ever Crossfit 360. Thank you all.

Now I’ll continue on editing the epic podcast episode with Biggystyle. Baam! Stay tuned aight?

What else? Oh, buckle up yaaaoo!

This is Daniela, she’s an amazing woman who makes me laugh prolly 98% of the time. Whatta powerhouse!! Greatfull knowing you missy!




Mornin’ compadres!

Way to go!

Started out with a kick off today! (Soon you’ll know what that means). And well, couldn’t ask for a better start.
Early bird with Lisa & Raid.
We went for a Biggystyle session.
5-5-5-5-5 back squat 55kg
Find your daily RM in hang power clean: 45kg
Find your daily RM in push jerk: 45 kg
OTM 12 min:
min 1: 5 hang power clean
min 2: 8 push jerk
And finally:
9 clean & jerk
18 cal assault bike
7 clean & jerk
14 cal assault bike
5 clean & jerk
10 cal assault bike
7-8 minutes -ish?
BOOM! Big up for us! It felt great today!

Now. I sit here with major stomache cramps and will survive the day. (Better fix me some gingerlemon drink a la Ali. Yeah.) Edit podcast. Edit the epic Biggy podcaaast!!

Have a fab one! This is Caliente and you better try it.



Errrrday on a roll!

This might come as a surprise but…

Rest days makes you stronger. Now we’ve covered that. Let’s move on to the fact that food also makes you stronger. To listen to your body. Hungry? Not hungry? Salty food? Sweet food? Listen. I’m on to something good here and I’ll keep on working with it. Promise to myself.

About all these things that I’ve done. Where do I even begin? Ok if I put it like this. I wouldn’t wanna be without my struggles, but I think I’ve had my share now.
Took a trip down memory lane today and looord have mercy on my soul. Wow! I think I have to write a book. Or not. The reader will get a minor heart attack each chapter. Haha. Oh man. One day kids, one day you’ll know. Or not.

Anyway, we’re about to do it again. An amazing episode from Liv4fuckingJen is around the corner. This time with a very interesting guest, his name is David Borgstrand Cruz and he’s one of the greatest humans I’ve ever met. We will get to know him better and he’ll give us his thoughts about life about crises about training, nutrition and other stuff with our listernes. Stay tuned. To be recorded today.

We had such a lovely brunch yesterday. I’m so glad that I’m friends with friends of substance. Thanks for being you and for having me in the crew. The bascrew!
The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m surrounded with great people. Forever greatful for that.
Oh btw. We have to start a poker club. Texam hold’em. Who’s game? I know I’m all in!

This morning, Team Jason Khalipa and Boobies had a fantastic session. Faaaantastic!
The brain behind it all: Lisa. All credits for what happened:
1 on chipper, 1 on assault bike at all times:
30 box jump over
40 front squat 40kg
50 burpees
60 kb lunges 24kg
300 double unders
60 kb lunges
50 burpees
40 front squat
30 box jumps over

What happened? Thanks guuuurl for crushing with me. More of this. Gimme moooore of this! Breakfast club at a total different level. I love it!

Have a supersaturday! Ehh Sunday. Now, time to prep for the podcast.

Poppin’ bottles and taking names.