I don’t know…

who exchanged my legs to heavy beams of lead but if you can return them pretty immediate that’d be nice.

Squats happened. And so did squat clean and squat jerk and…Karen!
Karen is the classic crossfit wod:
150 wallballs. That’s it.
Well yeah.
That’s enough! Whoaaa. Paincave. But I was like 2:30 minutes faster than last time so…hard work pays of just like they say it does.

This weekend was over in a heartbeat. I’m sitting in Livias apartment as we speak, having coffee. We are partners in crime you see. If I tell you Imma have to kill you.

Good things this weekend:
Found out I’m a part of a bosslady trio. (Feel me Livia & Tove).
Got myself a new repeat song: Muziki
Ok ok so this does not belong to the weekend but I JUST recieved an email that placed butterflies in my belly…
…makes me feel like: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Nervous. AND EXCITED!!!
That pain ain’t got nothing on me. Eeeeh…or should I say more or less. Anyway, at the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think.
Picknick in the park with the incredible unstopable beauty Ida. Not all who wander are lost.
Bday bash in the sun of course.
Finally jammin’ with The sharp Clas project again. (Tomorrow we’ll do a Rhianna remix!)
That Saturday evening that is best described in one word: absofuckinglutely magical (that’s two, I guess words just ain’t enough.)
I’m blessed.

On a roll!




Full class at Crossfit 360 today, how awesome?! Very! Very well done you guys!

Afterwards, my turn. A bit sore from yesterday but it went on smooth.
Stiff legged deadlifts
Snatchpull and snatch
Some pendaly rows (daaaamn they were just awful)
And 1 km ski erg + 1 km row.
Kill me. Or you don’t have to, that rowing did. Goddamn! No more comfort zone for this woman!

Can we talk a bit about attitude. How important it is to never forget where you came from, where you started?
I think there’s a saying that goes something like, “it doesn’t matter how rich or wealthy or smart you are, how you treat people is everything”.
In the moment when you have nothing aswell as in the moments you have everything. People tend to forget this way too often.
I know a company from Sweden. It started out with basically nothing. They had an idea, a great idea! But when they tried to get help from above, from more established companys and stuff, they got laughed at, they got declined and denied.
The thing is they didn’t give up.
Today, they are one of the biggest brand in their field.
Big up!! Look who’s lauging now?

This is going on around blocks folks.
Buy all the things you can, take all the trips you want, and eat every lobster you see.
That’s cool.
But if you loose your humility, your compassion and if you are the one laughing cold at other peoples ideas,
Then you have nothing.

That’s all.

Those who want respect, give respect.
/Tony Soprano.

Rent my crib btw, spend holidays in Mtown: My crib

My shoes respects me. Lifting, jumping, throwing. What if shoes could talk huh?

Jen airbnb

Such a fab day!

But first, how awesome it was to see the old gang again yesterday. Thank you for a supersweet B-day bash for the Grinch!

You know all these things you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry you don’t use? Come on, you knoooow you have a bag of chickpeas, a half bag of quinoa and some half ass freezing fish lying around. You do.
Well guess what? I used all that stuff today and made some lunchmeals and I even roasted some chickpeas for snacks. Boom!

I also made my apartment ready for some Airbnb renting this summer. If your’re looking for a residence, this is it!
Jen’s apartment
Get ready for summer! Malmö festivalen? Falsterbo Horse show? Big slap? You know you need my crib. Please share. Sharing is caring.

Started out the best way this morning though.
7 degrees in the water and 9 in the air. Mhm. Lovely. Two quick skinny dipping and then two hot saunas and complete relaxation. You know what I need more? What I think everyone needs. To sit. Just sit around. And do absolutely nothing. I just sat there, in the sauna, letting my eyes rest on the water and the sky. The horizon was a sharp line. But hard to separate water from clouds. I looked over to Denmark and I let my mind flow wherever.
Suddenly I realized: “I’ve been to hell and back and let me tell you, it was wonderful.”

I’m longing.
It’s my turn. I’m in a different light.





when I said I wouldn’t eat next to my new computer?
Now there’s even acrylic paint on it.

Had me some decent lifting this afternoon.
Heavy deadlifts up to 80kg with a good form.
Snatches who felt pretty good actually (will see what coach Robin says about that…)
Also, I cheated. After having a slow, exhausting day with a stolen lunch (!) I wanted to have some fun, like…like teamsession with “Son of a Gun” Sonny and Raid!

We did todays workout and yes, it was fun!
U go, I go.
10 min amrap
10 push ups
10 kb snatch
10 goblet squats
rest 1 min
10 min amrap
8 cal assault bike
10 lunges with kb
10 wall balls
rest 1 min
10 min amrap
100m sprint
10 burpees
10 kb swings
Thank you guys for saving my Friday!

Do you know what I really, truly and strongly dislike.
1. Getting stuck with my sweater in door knobs. It always happens to me. I think that’s how I’m gonna end my days.
2. Getting my headphones stuck in the car door, the bike wheels or in my keys or something that makes them fall of my head and shit.
3. My non existing perception what so ever of space. Always hit my head, elbow and knees into stuff.
4. Drag around bags.
5. When someone says: “Are you really gonna eat ALL THAT!?” About my portion. Well yeah Susan, shut your piehole stand back and watch me.
6. When someone tells me that I can’t do something. HA! HAAHAHAHAHA!
7. Men speaking negative about women. Ok. Write it down, go home and give it to your mom then.
8. When people worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing.
9. When I’m out of avocado.
10. The fact that my brain have so many tabs open. But that might be a good thing right?

I need a questbar and some loud music.

Time to get the real deal done!

In the moment so to speak:

It’s gonna be…

Oh snap

Worst case clean & jerk scenario happened today. Could not lift. Let’s leave it there.

Woding went ok. Not good but ok.
400m run
15 clean & jerk with kettle bell
rest 1 minute then
1,2km running

Pheeew! Loads of running today. So uncomfortable.

Anyway. Yay it’s May!
1. Aaaalmost time to wear skirts and dresses. Those who know me also know that I actually hate wearing pants.
2. Breakfast outside, hellooooo I’ve missed you.
4. The month for a mini-vacay-get-away is here.
5. Spring jacket and new sneakers.
6. Paint outside.
7. Read outside.
8. Have a cigarette outs…nope. Oooooohnonononono. I don’t smoke anymore.
9. The month when I get my parking lot back=no more parking tickets for realsies.
10. Did I hear treat-your-feet month?



Sunday sweaty Sunday


What’s up?

I’m making a few adjustments in my training to the better. To optimize!
One of them is to cut down the program to four days a week. To make it sustainable, to train with good quality, to eliminate negative stress and to open up for other things for me to train or do with that time. I like it a lot.
The other one is to do Bikram Yoga. So I went to 360 Bikram Yoga morning class today and maaaan it was cool. Ehhh no it was’nt, or it was but it sure as hell was hot in hell. Wow, my poor tense body really need this yoga thing. 40 C degrees in there and I was sweating all over the place and one time I thought my heart and lungs would tear themselvs out from my body and jump out of that window and never return.
Brain told them to calm down. Calma calma return to the slow beating and easy breathing. Well. You need to stay the motherfucking course in there.
Afterwards, the savasana? I’m in it for the savasana. And for all the benefits my body gain from the different poses in bikram.
I have such a sweet feeling inside of me now. I’m grateful for doing this to myself, by myself, for myself.

I’m born with a temper so I was pretty angry and frustrated in there (in my mind), mental blocks I need to overcome. As everything else in life.


The reporter.

Throwback Thursday.

You may read this post at call it a brag. It is, but I don’t care cuz´I wanna reach out and haters gonna hate anyway and all that. Same old, same old.

I wanna begin by saying that I wasn’t the first tryna make a crossfitpodcast run in Sweden, Robert Stasinski was. All cred to that man. Thank you.

I started my crossfit journalism way back, and I mean waaaay back. The year was 2013.
And I started out the classic way, by writing interviews. Here’s some crossfit athletes I’ve interviewd:
Philip Rylander, Mikaela Norman, Marcus Herou, Angelica Bengtsson, Bjork Odinsdottir, Alexander Elebro, Julie Foucher, Helena Falk, Patricia Strenius, Viktor Långsved, Emelie Smiding (personal favorite), Karl Dyall, Andreas Bergkvist, Kristin Holte, Carmen Bosmans, Hjördis Osk Odinsdottir, Linnea Fransson, Lacee Kovacs, Andrea Berggren, Christer Idland, Louise Tjäder, Lisa Bengtsson, Andrea Ager, Robert Manlove, Rikard Lanner, Chloie Jönsson, Calvin Kayser-Allen, Samantha Briggs, Jenny La Baw, Graham Holmberg, Neal Maddox, Nikolaj Rönnow, Jonas Colting and Carl Paoli.

Yes. You will find every single interview under the interview category.

And then I started my career as a flying reporter and my first mission was to cover the competition Battle of London (now called London Throwdown).
I flew over, met all the athletes like Andrea Ager, David Shorunke and the “MeatMonster” David Santa Cruz Borgstrand just to mention a few. I was i the media crew and had A BLAST!
That was (kinda) my first podcasting. 2014 in London.

And that’s just the beginning. I found a way to save and restore my old audio files and now you can listen to them on iTunes or acast. Wow!! You can call me hackerwoman from now on.
The list is long. I’ve made 32 episode so far. With awesome athletes and with my bestie Livvie.

Thank you for my birthday present. The microphone.

As you may notice, sound gets better along the way, hehe. I’ve got some professional help from a real media guy. Forever gratueful. The best crew in the world!

The newold episodes are out and about:
Joanna Swica, Le Man Throwdown, Akira Corassani, Mia Åkerlund, Adrian Skepi, Madeleine Vall, Christmas Abbot, Doris, Fredrik Paulun, Hatlex challenge, Linn Mattsson, Lårklubben (Cornelia & Lisa), Ivan & Martin, Roland & Cristian, Rena & Sascha, Best On The West, Jonas Olsson, Konstantin Avrarmidis Granlund, Roslagen Open, Joakim SJöstedt, Katti Housmandfar and David Santa Cruz Borgstrand.
Whatta joy!

Go ahead and listen:



(That’s where you’ll find me and Livias epic episodes aswell.) Tune in and listen. In just a few days a new and VERY IMPORTANT episode will be released. You do not wanna miss that, hell no!

I’m on a mission. Gimme more!!!



Sledpull & press

It’s here!

Pay-daaaay! Food in the fridge and a lots of Karma to be bought! (The perfume, I know I can’t buy myself into Karma, duh!)
The scent from heaven sent from Lush. Best scent ever!
Need some Zlatan stuff too I think.

Started today with heavy presses. I thought I’d nail 40kg strict but didn’t. I made 37,5. How come that 37,5 comes up pretty easy (oh well), and 40 is like ERROR, can’t even get halfway through. Haha. It’s wierd.

After that I made some on the minute for 15 minutes sprints with the sled. Sledpush. OMG. I had forgotten about how nasty they are. Lactic acid in my legs were there to stay for 15 minutes. I wanted to give up 5 minutes in the workout. Did not give up. You just don’t give in. 45 kg back and forth. Burner!!!
Booty building.

Yesterday Robin said: “That was the nicest snatches you’ve ever made. Way to go. Keep on doing that.”
I’m on the right track here! He is picky so when he says it’s good, it really is.

So I found out something yesterday (Thanks to Joanna Swica). This my friends is EPIC stuff. Old material is to be found. Old, juicy and fun!!
To be revealed tomorrow!!



What if…

I finally locked up the secret to the clean?
No, I had not. Bollocks!

Anyways. I’m up, it was a nice morning for some training to get done. It wasn’t.
Restless sleep and then the cramps woke me up at 4:44 (thank you very much.) Aaaah you can’t even imagine the pain. It’s…it’s like…why don’t you just stab me with a knife and turn it sideways several times?
It hurts so much I wanna kick out the teeth of someone.
No point trying to sleep again, I went to the box and it was heavy. Everything was heavy. Except one clean maybe. Or was it the jerk?
Did someone steal my brain? It’s like I’ve forgotten about everything Robin told me. Hellooo scapula? No answer.
And my lungs? 1km run+100 double unders+50 wall balls. Time cap:10 min.
I almost died running in the rain, messed up the DU’s and got myself 20 wallballs in the end. And I think 50% of the wall balls  were no rep. Hands down.

Oh well.

Some Qigong done now (you heard me). I need to shift focus right about now. Oh happy day! Oh happy daaaay

I’m so ready for this Monday. Come get me, I’m right here.






I’m in love…

…with this little tasty mash:

1 dl Lindahls quark
½ dl sunflower seeds
½ dl almonds
½ dl shredded coconut
3 tbsp coca
3 tbsp coconut milk
Mix and place on a plate

frozen mango
1 tbsp (or more) peanut butter
Mix and place on top of the mash

Oh sweet lord. Can I have this everyday?