Take some


Thai-session at Redline. Oh my gooooood I’ve missed it. I hearby swear I’ll never be without thai-training this long ever again.
There’s something about the relief afterwards, something about using your body as a weapon, something about the atmosphere, something about the people there and the explosiveness to it. I love it and I need the mix for sure. Please remind me.

Also, I know that miss Jankulovska has a kickass knee that can take down anyone. I repeat. A N Y O N E. I’m glad I’m not a man and the fact that I don’t have balls. I guess a woman can take a pounding (like a million ways) better than a man. Just keep going. Even if you get a knee kick in the holiness.

We’ll be back next time around! Count on it!

Holy Greens with Livia happened! OH MY GOD HOW TASTY. Thank you guuurl for this lovely afternoon!

Several countdowns going on as we speak. Most important are 2.
1. Season premiere of Narcos. September 2nd.
2. A few days from now is everything.

Hollaaa! Catch u on the flip side!


Ovenbaked oats ftw!

Ovenbaked oatmeal. It’s no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal all times.

I love this! Try it and you will love it forever.

1 egg
1 dl oats
1 dl Lindahls quark
cinnamon (ofc!!)
2 tbsp peanut butter
cacao powder
a pinch of salt
0,5 banana
some milk
baking powder
Mixxxx into a nice batter and put in the oven 200 degrees for about 15 minutes or so.
Pick out and serve with bulletproof coffee, raspberries and Lindahls yoghurt.

Whatta way to start my day!!

Hollaaaa at me bro!





The senses

About senses

I took a morning walk today and listened to the “Stuff you should know” podcast, and it’s been a while since I listened to them. I recall that I used to listen to that pod while walking in the streets of Gothenburg when I lived there like three years ago. Or is it two? Hm. Haha. Anyway, it brought back memories and it got me thinking.
They say that the sense of smell is the strongest sense when it comes to remembering things, but I think my hearing is more developed in me.

Let’s take a look.

Oh no. This is my worst sense. I can’t see on a distance. I. Need. Lenses. But I’m in the denial phase so leave me there a bit longer now shall we.
I’ve lived in so many places I’m having trouble to recall where a person belongs if I meet someone where they’re not “supposed to be”, if you know what I mean. Damn that’s hard.

I love food and I love to eat. Yepp. Of course I can’t forget the taste of my Nutella cake. Cuz it’s so awesome. And the first chew I took on that piece of fine meat from Hasses plate at that arabic restaurant this spring. You know, when I hadn’t had a piece of meat for nine years? Man, that meat oh my god. So good, sooooo friggin’ good.

So I love the sense of a touch when it’s real you know. It has to be real, then and only then, I can feel it. That electric impuls you immediately get when you “happen” to touch the hand of someone you like, the sense of two lips coming togehter as one. And to feel his hands walking their way through my hair and later to land on my waist. That. That I remember.

When I visit my parents, there’s a special sense of smell that hits me. My mother uses the best smelling softener ever, ever! That combined with homemade food and clean floors? Yes I can recall. And if mum washes my clothes or brings me something that’s been around our house for a while, that scent follows me home for days.
Of course, if a perfume “walks by” on the street I can remember a certain time when I knew peeps wearing that. Like that Tommy Hilfiger perfume Tommy girl? I wore it. Man I wanna throw that through the fucking roof if I either see it or smell it again. I hate that perfume. I hate it so damn much I wanna throw up. I can’t even begin.
It’s a different story about Karma though.

Can you pay someone to get your spotify lists in order? Nice and clean without flaws? Like when that Aqua song all of a sudden pops up? I don’t know? Who even put it there? In MY playlist? Hm.
I like to play a song I love until infinity, and then I get tired of it or find a new one to play forever. And then, after some time passed by, I might find that first hook up song while scrolling my playlist again and a rush of “damn, I say goddamn I love this song!!!” comes over me again. Sounds familliar?

Ok. Ever noticed how you speak? “Let’s take a look” (vision). “Sounds familliar” (hearing), “I feel you” (feel). Take a moment to think about what sense you use the most in talking or writing. That’s your key to finding your best sense. Awyeah!

So what is my sixth sense? Well, I have a way of predicting the future. Hahaha no way, juuust kidding. I have no idea about anything.
But this one thing I know. To take my gut feeling seriousely. No matter what. I think I can tell when someone is being genuine or fake.
And I have the ability to take in the air in a room, the mood. What’s not being said. Yeah.

Aight peeps. Gonna crush the teamWod with Lisa later. Looking forward to it!

Have a good one!!

Here’s from an awesome interval session with David. Try this kids. 1 min ON 1 min OFF for 40 (!?!!!) minutes. Bye bye!


Muhammad Ali’s advice to his daughters

Muhammad Ali’s advice to his daughters

My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them.”

He looked at me with serious eyes. “Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.”

This gave me goosebumps. I have to give my body the respect it deserves, paying attention to it you know. Aswell pshysically as mentally. I can’t and won’t let myself down. Something doesn’t feel right? Don’t go against your gut feeling, it’s telling you something about the person, the situation. Your choise. The primal instict. Trust yourself, trust your own intuition, and rely on it.

I’m not talking about training here. No comfort zone allowed there (except if you’re injured of course).
I’m talking about life.

Respect your body. Treat it well and it will treat you even better back. Trust your limbs, trust your heart, trust your brain. Something hurts? Someones appearence threatens you? Be aware. (You have to look up from your damn phone though). Don’t struggle against your body, ever, in any way.
Respect your soul. Something seems fishy? Someone’s making you feel insecure? Don’t go there, don’t let them in. I really think we own the power to sense ones intentions before they speak, or maybe in the way the speak. But don’t listen to words. Listen what’s not being said. Your energy introduces you before you even speak, keep that in mind at all times. If your intentions no good, then leave me alone. Fair enough am I right?
Don’t pollute your mind with negative thoughts and don’t let others negative vibes get to you. Shake it of. Reset.
Don’t see the worst case scenario in everything. See the possibilities, the options. What options do you have? I know everything can be fuuuuuucked up, trust me on this one. But you choose. It’s your choise if you’re gonna play the victim or if you’re gonna stand up dust the dirt off your shoulders and fight.
No one is going to thank you later. You owe yourself.
Don’t sugarcoat anything. I want real people who talk real talk. I do the damn walk and my feet are my soldiers. They have taking me everywhere, still are! They’ve walked me through pain and chaos, and never have they come to rest. I salute you!

I’m far more precious than diamonds and pearls.

Have a kickassfriday!




Modays are for KB’s


And I have done some snatches and tabata front squats. After that:
As you can se in the pic below. It was a reaaaally tough one and filled with functional stuff I’m not used to.
The DOMS will come, be so sure!
You get it right? (I didn’t at first sight).
You do 16 reps of 1-5, and the you do 1-5 again but you add A. 1-5 again and add A and B. And so on and so on until you’ve reached E.

Bring it! Fun and games, games and fun!



Ok so how do I put this.

I’ve been thinking about balance lately. Now, I ain’t no mindfullness girl who can meditate without getting bored and I don’t talk in a low, calming voice and I kinda like coffee way more than tea and I don’t bake break without gluten, dairy, yeast, baking powder or whatever (what’s left, really?) I also dislike butterflies.
But what I have figured out is this. As soon as I let my body relax a bit, as soon as I’m being kind to myself, as soon as I paint, as soon as I get really hooked into something, as soon as I feel the sun in my face, as soon as I catch the moments of greatness, well, that’s when magic happens.
My body responds to me, my mind responds to me. I don’t know how to thank them enough.
I don’t know, I just have a feeling that I never have to be afraid again. Like ever.
29 days.

Brunch with the bascrew happened today. I’m so greatful having so many beloved ones, friends and family. Yes, we were the Soprano-family today.

It’s simple, just like this: Keep them close.

Books, paint and blueberry.

It’s been a lovely…

…weekend in Småland. To meet my beloved family, get some proper rest, read some proper books, eat some proper food and all that jazz. And! 6 liters of blueberry to bring back to Malmö. To the roots! To my mum, dad and to my sisters! I love you.

This morning, I ran like crazy. 5 kilometers and it felt great. Actually pretty satisfied with the result. It’s been nice with a deload week. Looking forward to hard core crossfit again though. Bring it Mille!!

But first, bring it Sunday. Imma call it a lazy day. I will read, drink coffee, read, drink coffee, eat, read, drink coffee and eat. A quick stop in town to find earrings and to get me a laxocado. Aaaaahhhh the best there is.
Well, I can get used to lazy days aswell. This was my first weekend free from work this summer. It did me very good. I feel reborn. I paint, I get inked, I read, I clean, I make plans, I set goals and I relax. Thank you life.
36 days to go. Can’t wahaaaait!!

Now. Read this. It’s one of the best books I’ve read and it’s a very important book. Especially these days. Or every day. Lifelessons. About this, we have to tell.
I cried rivers.

Getting stuff done.

Brace yourself

Haters are coming. Take coveeeeer! There, there, I’ve covered myself. Hehe.

Oh my god I’m telling you. Norway forway on the menu today (as one part of like, a hundred it felt like). I hate rowing, but it get’s easier. Or is it me gettin better? Hmmm…
Anyway. Next week is deload week and Imma gonna take it as serious as I take my rest days. Obviousely, it works. Boom!!!

I’m on a fixing stuff streak! I want to be surrounded by beautiful things and throw bad energy away you know. I’m cleaning among papers, clothes and crap. Man it feels good!! Wanna buy flowers and, and pillows and stuff!
Don’t waste energy on things or people who don’t vibe back, ok? Ain’t nobody got time. Spread you energy wisely.

Oh and also, I’ve booked thai massage for next week. I CAN’T WAAAAIT. My body is sore deluxe.

41 days to go. Counting.

I love breakfast. I hate/love rowing. Nah, just hate. But I love it afterwards. Ok hatelove.
Have a great Tuesday peeps!

To the bones!

And now…

…when I know better, I do better.
Hard work will eventually pay off. I aaaalmost hit a PR today in my power snatch. Almost there.
It’s funny, now that I’ve started Milles programming, I’m looking forward to my rest days. Haha. Insane.
Today was hard work and good fun! That programming I’m telling ya, it’s the best ever.

My bike needs a renovation. It sounds like it’s broken (it is). And when I come biken in high speed low drag down in the city, people friggin turn around and wonder what’s happening. Aaaah I wannt shout: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOOOW I CAN HEAR THAT ASWELL JUST…JUST…SHUT UP!!! *Rage finished*
Guess that’s just me and my vehicles way of living.

One place where I find peace and quiet is actually in a cemetary. Always have, always will. Ever since I was a little girl I escaped to sit there and collect energy, gather my thoughts and make smoke a cigarette or two. It made me feel safe and calm. I was never afraid. Nothing could get to me.

Things I long for:
1. For time to fly the next 47 days and then slooooow down.
2. Get my nails done.
3. Beyonce to Spotify.
4. A 50 kilo snatch


I made it through.

I survived!

5 days of Milles athletes. My God I’m sore now. I have to work the night shift all weekend, therefore, in behold I know I’ll be roadkill so I trained 5 days in a row. Will not happen again though. Wohaaa!

Okej did 100 reps of 4 different movements and then some assault bike and burpees and abs to that. Hello and thank you body for getting me through this.
Well done!! Bravo! You should be proud!

And now I’m heading towards the tattoo studio for a consultation. Oh heeeell yeah!

I’m longing so much for a date to come. Times two. I’m a very lucky girl! Follow the sun!