Getting stuff done.

Brace yourself

Haters are coming. Take coveeeeer! There, there, I’ve covered myself. Hehe.

Oh my god I’m telling you. Norway forway on the menu today (as one part of like, a hundred it felt like). I hate rowing, but it get’s easier. Or is it me gettin better? Hmmm…
Anyway. Next week is deload week and Imma gonna take it as serious as I take my rest days. Obviousely, it works. Boom!!!

I’m on a fixing stuff streak! I want to be surrounded by beautiful things and throw bad energy away you know. I’m cleaning among papers, clothes and crap. Man it feels good!! Wanna buy flowers and, and pillows and stuff!
Don’t waste energy on things or people who don’t vibe back, ok? Ain’t nobody got time. Spread you energy wisely.

Oh and also, I’ve booked thai massage for next week. I CAN’T WAAAAIT. My body is sore deluxe.

41 days to go. Counting.

I love breakfast. I hate/love rowing. Nah, just hate. But I love it afterwards. Ok hatelove.
Have a great Tuesday peeps!

To the bones!

And now…

…when I know better, I do better.
Hard work will eventually pay off. I aaaalmost hit a PR today in my power snatch. Almost there.
It’s funny, now that I’ve started Milles programming, I’m looking forward to my rest days. Haha. Insane.
Today was hard work and good fun! That programming I’m telling ya, it’s the best ever.

My bike needs a renovation. It sounds like it’s broken (it is). And when I come biken in high speed low drag down in the city, people friggin turn around and wonder what’s happening. Aaaah I wannt shout: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOOOW I CAN HEAR THAT ASWELL JUST…JUST…SHUT UP!!! *Rage finished*
Guess that’s just me and my vehicles way of living.

One place where I find peace and quiet is actually in a cemetary. Always have, always will. Ever since I was a little girl I escaped to sit there and collect energy, gather my thoughts and make smoke a cigarette or two. It made me feel safe and calm. I was never afraid. Nothing could get to me.

Things I long for:
1. For time to fly the next 47 days and then slooooow down.
2. Get my nails done.
3. Beyonce to Spotify.
4. A 50 kilo snatch


I made it through.

I survived!

5 days of Milles athletes. My God I’m sore now. I have to work the night shift all weekend, therefore, in behold I know I’ll be roadkill so I trained 5 days in a row. Will not happen again though. Wohaaa!

Okej did 100 reps of 4 different movements and then some assault bike and burpees and abs to that. Hello and thank you body for getting me through this.
Well done!! Bravo! You should be proud!

And now I’m heading towards the tattoo studio for a consultation. Oh heeeell yeah!

I’m longing so much for a date to come. Times two. I’m a very lucky girl! Follow the sun!


Put your guns down


The morning news about the crossfit games had me almost puke in my mouth a bit. Are you fucking kidding me?
To give the top male, top female and every member of the winning team a gun as reward, A GUN?!
This world is going on WWIII and you encourage violence?! Everything that is happening around us as we speak? The war in the middle east, in Europe, in Africa and the the shootings in the States? The terror? The hate? You wanna support that? My God. This is insane and I hope it’s a sick joke but I’m afraid it ain’t.
Did you know that suicide, accidents and even killing will rise 200% if you have a gun in your house? Well that’s the truth.
Fuck this shit. I think we need a goddam revolution in this Crossfit inc world. Who are they to take credits, rights and make every boxowner pay shitloads of money for what? A crossfit sign on the wall? Fuck that. We don’t need no bullshit. What happened to spread the love and let everyone in? Hm. Time to step up the Game and get rid of the Games and make a brand new brand.
Who’s with me on this one?

Besides that. Training went awesome today and I’m almost where I used to be in my snatches. A few more weeks and then it’s there. 50kg from the ground.

Hollaaaaa!! Formation.

I have more idea of what I’m doing than effing Dave Castro Disastro. (And that tells a LOT.)

Fear, face it.

Oh my god. OMGOMG.

You know when your scared of your programming? That’s when it’s really good. Milles athletes again and today was a hell lot of stuff. An then the finish was the rowing part. I hate it. Not lovehate, not tough love, I. Hate. It. Rowed my ass off and now I can’t move. This will be worth it. IT BETTER!!! Or I could eat pralines and never move all day in and all day out instead.
Actually, it went better this time. I had my focus on.

I’m one lucky girl I’m telling you. Counting days ’till I get to see my sun again.
La life. Guess I did something right after all. It’s like I’m dreaming.
Count your blessings.

Now, Imma jump into the shower, lord knows I need it. And then-edit the podcast! Wait foooor iiiiiiit peeps!

Have a supertuesday!


Vacation smacation

Welcome to the update show!

What can I say? Milles programming keeps on delivering. I thought I was going to faint yesterday but didn’t so that’s a good thing. For the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone at it felt awful. Guess I have to go there again next week. Brace yourself, haters are comin’. Dope shit! I love it!
I have four blisters on my hands, wounds on both knees and a big bruise on my chest. Lord if mum could see me now.

Anyway. Vacation time in Sweden and I couldn’t care less. You can keep your goddamn vacation to yourself or shove it up somewhere with all your little cabins in the woods, docks by the lake, your fake tan, all-night-long-singing-by-the-camp-fire videos, perfekt cakes and untouchable hairdo with not a single hair in the wrong direction. I don’t care.
I want the fall to come quicker than I can say “A nut“. I want a time traveller or I want to be able to snap my fingers an, boom! The real deal!
I actually can’t even. I’m longing so much for every single thing to happen. I’m blessed!

Sooo working day and I’m working night this Saturday. (Well eat THAT vacation nerds.) Eyes on the prize girl, eyes on the beautiful prize. Cuba libre. Cuba libreeee!! We’re coming for ya!!

Something to snack a bite on when the hunger sets in. Perfect little package stuffed with stuff I love.


On a roll

And on the third day…

Ok ok so I love my new program from Mille. Based on my goals and what I want and where I am now. How about that huh? Pretty damn awesome.
Can’t reveal the program here due to respect of the programmer of course. But I can tell you that the classic benchmark ladies are going down at the end of these 10 weeks. Tomorrow is rest day and I really need it. Did I even train before? Wow! To me, it’s all mental. It’s the part I need to work most with, leave the comfort zone. LEAVE IT!

What else? Meditation is also great I’ve heard. So this Sunday Imma try out candle lit yoga session. My God. Guess I’ll get a rage and trash the place. I. can’t. sit. still. Patience, paaatiiieeenceeee.

Hehe, but I have to tell you. That shower after the WOD “Annie” you know when you’ve done: 50-40-30-20-10 reps of double unders and situps? 150 situps that makes your skin on you butt kinda sore? Aaaaoooo! I think  my neighbours could heard me scream. Haha.

This is Nilo and he’s the cutest crossfit kid I’ve ever seen. He just sits there in his comfy wagon, chill and take it soft while mum and dad are training. Superkid Nilo in the box! Saweeeet!


Day one out of 10 weeks so that makes day 1/70, right?

70 (!?!?!) OMG. No. 50 days of course. I have 2 rest days per week. HIGHLY IMPORTANTE YA HEAR!? (Telling my own brain).

I’m talking about Milles athletes, the program. I started out today and I went out hard as a m.f. Boom!
You should do one thing that challenges you every day. So today, I for sure did something that has frightened me for a long long time.
I can’t tell you anything about what I do. This program is top secret you know. Exclusive!
It’s the best ever though. I will curse, I will swear, cry, sweat and laugh. Pain is temporary, glory is foreveeeeer!!
I’m so glad I started!

Have you ever tried Crossfit L9 in Skurup? No? Well, you should! Total awesomeness!
I’m still sore after that epic brutal workout the eldest Sellam brother had programed for us. My god!!
Their training center is huge! AND they have martial arts aswell. So, when in Europe-don’t miss Skurup. Just sayin’!

“I’ll play your favorite song, darling. So we can rock it all night long, darling. Cuz’ I’ve got love, darling. Love sweet love darling.”

My knee sleeves from Northern Spirit. Nice and comfy!
Someone in the box is in love, painted hearts everywhere. I can’t blame her. Not at all.





Heart of two champions fought side by side in the box today. A classic 12 days of X-mas Wod (which I made up in my own head so there were loads and loads of squating going on, haha). You know the procedure, first do 1 burpee, then 1 burpee and 2 box jumps, then 1 burpee, 2 box jumps and 3 push press. And so on until numero 12.

12 days (7) of Naz.
1 burpee
2 box jumps
3 push press
4 kbs
5 push ups
6 air squats
8 jumping lunges
9 situps
10 cal assault bike
11 wall balls
12 thrusters

My gosh! This was FUN! Thank you Nassim for totally smashing it with me! Awesomeness man!!
I’m a little afraid of your training session for tomorrow.
Buuuut no sparring for me you know, cuz I have my nose ring now! Finally!! Look! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Whattcha guys think?

Great days over hurr. Count your blessings. I have so many. Thank you bascrew! Good times, come my way.



Milles athletes

Welcome to the update show!

So I’ve been sick for a looong while and today is the first day I feel alive. That means back in biz (almost)!
At least I’ve had some time to think and that’s great in a way.

This Monday will be an epic start on a new journey for me. I’m in Milles athletes show! BOOM! Mille is king (as we all know), and he makes programs for crossfit and I figured out that NOW was the perfect prime time for me to be one of his athletes.
I wrote down my goals, my weaknesses and my strengths, things I can’t do just yet but wanna. And he’ll turn this into a 10 weeks program that will fit my goals so I’LL CONQUER THEM. All I need is my body, my mental game in order and to be extremly carefull with routines like sleep and nutrition (also getting pro help with that so that’s friggin’ awesome!). And perhaps hardest thing of them all. Keep my rest days as rest days. No active recovery bullshit. And to force myself out of the damn comfort zone. Now. Fran below 5 minutes will happen (as an example). I’m IN! And I’m so motivated I almost burst you know!!! Daaaamn bring it! Fucking bring it! Kudos Mille!

I came to the conclution that I don’t like to compete against others, I only wanna compete with myself. That doesn’t make me a coward or anything. It’s just that it’s too stressful for me and to much pressure to handle so that’s not for me, not anymore. At all. I don’t wanna be measured in my seams, I wanna conquer myself and my own battles, my own goals (lord knows I have many). I wanna see how great I can be. My own potential. It all starts with me, and it starts today. Now.
I love people who see me for who I am, not what I do. Remember that.

If you feel softer than before they came, you have been loved. Base crew.