I love lamp

I made up my mind!

My new tattoos are ready to get inked. Whaam baam thank you maam! Misson is to find someone great to to it. Yeah!

Anyways, I went to Tomas sportsmassage yesterday and oh my sweet God I say. Oooooh hello body! Stuff to do there, I can tell. Knods to erase, a spine to straighten out. My calfes was a disaster and it hurt pretty much everything. But man it helped. I’ll never let it go this far again, I need a massage once a month. That’s it. If Imma train this much (and I have no intention to stop) that’s what I gotta do. And Tomas IS THE BEST masseur ever. Elbows, pheeew.
Go see him, you won’t regret it. (Afterwards, hehe).

Today I’m sore. Not from working out but from the massage. Ha!

Took the morning class today for some great snatch:
15 rounds
2 lateral burpees
2 snatches 25kg
10 rounds
3 lateral burpees
2 snatches 27,5kg
5 rounds
4 lateral burpees
2 snatches 30kg
The snatches had to be touch and go, so that’s why I choose such a low weight. Yesyes. It was fun! (Except my cough).

Top things ATM.
1. That I’m 200% sure on my next tattoo (mum, dad, -don’t read this)
2. That I’m going home Saturday to see my beloved family! (Helloooo stuffed fridge aaaawwyeeaaah!)
3. Peanut butter.
4. That I slept like a dead person last night. (Regain lost sleep from the weekend)
5. Livvie my bff for putting out with me.
6. My new skincare product(s). (I’m obsessed. What did I do before highlighting?)
7. That I keep my goals in sight and carry on even when it’s really fucking stressful.
8. Magnesium.
9. Soft, sunkissed skin that smells like coconut.
10. My book. (I can’t stop reading)

Truths to be heard:


I’m alive!

Can you believe it? Been working my ass of this weekend, literally. A quick rest yesterday and I’m good to go again.
I’m getting shit done, see them cash money flow coming ma way man!
Wait for it, waaait fooor iiiit! It will be worth it.

This morning was golden! I met up with Livia at 360! Wohoo whatta start this Monday.
The workout
30 wall balls
30 sumo deadlift high pull 24kg
25 wall balls
30 goblet squat 24kg
20 wall balls
30 kettlebell swing 24kg
15 wall balls
Pheeeewww! I’m glad I RX’d this one and stuck to it. Oh snap!

We are such great warriors Livia, do you know that? I think people would be suprised if they’d knew what we have been dealing with and still are.
But yet here we are, we stand tall, we rise, we fucking crawl back every damn time. Persistence. We should be so damn proud of ourselves. Here, here!
And others? Well they should just brace themselves. Haha.

Off to work in a bit and after work I’M GOING TO GET A MASSAAAAAAGE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! My body is sore, tired and filled with knods. Time to loooosen up!

Have a great one! Ay yarribbaa!




Monday is here!

Zlatan by day, Zlatan by night. Today’s it’s all about Sweden. I’ll be watching from work for sure.
What else? Oh, me and Livvie will watch Rosengårds FC womans edition from now on, right? Hehe.

I slept like a princess last night.
Up and ready for the benchmark Helen today:
3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kettlebell swing 16kg
12 pull ups
Time: 11:54. That’s 20 seconds better than 10 weeks ago. Boom!
Either I’m getting better, or it’s the fact that I ate chicken stick last night. Gaaaaawd that’s tasty.

Or like 2 Pac would say: Today was a good day.





Fight for your para

Saturday morning

And I’m up, I went up waaaaay too early for my own good. I need to sleep like fucking Cinderella some time soon.
Still waiting for the gun-guy to contact me. I wanna shoot! Come on man. I have to try call them since they don’t answer emails.

Brutal morning today. I was sore from yesterdays work but here’s what Sherwood had in mind today:
Ohh how we love deads in the morning aight?
15 wall balls
12 deadlifts
9 lateral burpees
Goddamn, I say-GODDAMN! One of those bastards that look nice but are dreadful thank you very mucho.

Now? WorkWorkWorkWorkWorkWorkWorkWorkvWorkWorkWorkWorkWorkWorkvWorkvWork.
All day, all night. I’m going to Cuba. I’ll get there. Traveling and stuff is heading my way. MY WAY! Boooom.

Over and out. If you find a bag of money or guns somewhere, it’s mine.

Have a great weekend. I don’t know if I’m gonna. I want a FIREFIIIGHT!!!



Tuuuesday is here

Finally a 6:15 morning session.

Been longing for them! (I mean it).
I love a good snatch and that’s why I’m happy today, because it was all about snatches. I felt pretty much on a roll.
5 rounds:
20 wall balls
10 power snatch
10 hang snacth
10 over head squat
Time cap: 18 minutes
Did not make timecap but I don’t care.

Things I like:
-THAT MY SPEAKER IS WORKING AGAIN. Thank you Malik! I can’t live without music. You can’t OD on muic either. My neighbors will hate me again.
-Gomorra. Ciro Di Marzio. My man.
-That you are listening to our new podcast episode. THANK YOU!
-Our plans for the next episode. Preach!
-Me and Hassans crowdfunding. You find it here:Kongo Please help us.

Have a great day! I’m gonna!



Top 10!

Tuesday just happened!

Wednesday I gotcha. Friday, I’m a bit nervous.

Top ten right now
1. My colleagues, it’s known now. I have the best ones.
2. The sun, I love you so much.
3. My brilliant plan I have in my mind. (It’s amazing, wait and see.)
4. New hang up, creamed spinach. I ate EVERYTHING.
5. Our soon-to-be-released podcast episode. Epic.
6. This beat: Kiiara-Gold.
7. My new photo wall.
8. Watchig Gomorra…
9. …while eating herries.
10. Todays thai session. Sweat baby, sweat. And breaking boundaries.

Catch u on the flip siiiide!

Mind over matter. Don’t just follow authorities or laws (ok maybe laws). But you know what I mean. Don’t be square.
And don’t f*cking tell me what to do.
Think. Ok? Ok. Good.

Now: Crash into my comfy bed.




Sunday feelings

Ok so from a shitty day…

…to one hell of an awesome day.

Yeah I woke up, breakfast and went to Bloody Sunday. Coach Natali was brilliant as always and here’s what she had in mind this morning:
5 rounds:
12 deadlift
9 hang power clean
6 push jerk
400m run
6 lateral burpees
9 hand stand pushups
12 chest to bar
Time cap: 35 minutes
I made the last chest to bar at the goddamn signal. Boom!!

And then, a historical and oh, so epic podcast was recorded. Hahaha, you always make me laugh Livia. Forever thankful for having you around. What would I do without you? You make me cry ’till I laugh and make me laugh ’till I cry. Aaaaah blisseh!
The episode was about: POWER. Oh man, you’re in for a treat. Truths to be HEARD! Stay tuned.

After that I decided to train boxning session at Redline. Man I’m happy I went. I was a complete disaster last time. Tonight? Way better, lightyears better. I felt more secure. And why? Well, because coach Bilal listened to me, to my fear and he took it serously and made it fun and games instead. And also because my sparring partners listened to me and they felt me. Also because of this guy, I don’t know his name, he didn’t train but watched us fight. He came towards me and gave me super effective tips from time to time. I love that. In a world were people are getting more and more selfish, I love the feeling of empathy and to pay knowledge and tips forward. I love it. I’m kinda moved for real actually. Thank you for this. Way to end your Sunday, huh?
I’m blessed.
Just gotta open my eyes and look around a bit.

Have a nice one! Imma watch Gomorra. Or edit the podcast. Can’t really decide what now.

They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.

Carry the goddamn world

Beautiful kind of pain…

As Eminem and Sia sings about.
Kinda how I feel today. Exhausted over and out. Been working a lot lately and will most def continue on doing exactly that. Nothing in this world comes for free. Not even internet so.
Also. Remember: If it sound as it is too good to be true. It probably is. (Note-to-self).
I have no intention of backing down, bail or cancel. I know what I want.
Tired of bullsh*it and fakeness. Gimme real! REAL! The real deal.

Went to work. Went home. Slept for an hour and decided to do what you do when you feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders.
You add more weight. A weight vest and you go run.
5 rounds for time:
10 cal assault bike
400m run
5 push ups
10 burpees
15 squats
Yesyesyeyyyy. Just do it. Thank you Nicky and Neco for inspo! More on this plzzzz.

Now Imma eat and deal with Torso Twi-st-eeeeed! Aha, aha.

Bye bye.



Next episode

The next episode.

The next episode in our brilliant podcast will be about POWER. What is power to you and what do you do with yours? When do you feel powerless and can you recall a time or place when you took the power over your life. Just like that? Gimme your story.
This episode will be recorded this Saturday.

I will give you my take on power and Livia will give you hers. I’ve been thinking about writing down my own story in a book, storys from my life you know. But every time I sit down and try, either my ADHD kicks in or I’m thinking about guns instead. And I guess that’s a bad sign huh?


My Monday was an asshole. You know it’s a hard knock life when you call your phone operator and suddenly burst into tears because he really listens to your problems with your internet and says kind words.
That kinda Monday yes.

Today was a good day. (In behalf).

Training was sweaty as great. I love it when you just crush. Don’t think, just do it.

Me all day everyday:



Gooodmorning Malmeee!

Started out with a great workout. I’m back b*tches. Feels re-heaaally nice.

7 min:
7 min:
Jump over plates
7 min:
cal row
rope climbs
Made the timecaps except for the last one.
Ok. So for the first time in a long time I decided NOT to wear long socks because of…well, the hype and stuff. Of course there’s rope climbs on the programming just because I don’t wear them. The one thing that the socks actually are for. Haha. What have I learned? Never listen to others. Okok. Aouch!!

I watched Ali Wongs Baby cobra yesterday and laughed my ass off. Hahaha, everything she said. Whatta woman! Truths to be heard. Bahahaha, watch it!
Made me think of a list.
Things I tend to forget or really don’t have the time to remember because I don’t care when it comes to driving:
1. How to install radio channels on the buttons.
2. If it’s turning the car key to the left or right when locking/unlocking the door.
3. Which side the fuel cap is located.
4. Which pump to use when filling KAY up. 1 or 2? 3 or 4? Too much.
5. To turn the lights on.

There ya go! But my mum thinks I’m a good driver.

Have a good one!