Just the universe

You know how it is right?

When you haven’t spoken a word since you woke up and you all of a sudden are supposed to speak. It’s something about the voice level that’s totally unadjusted.
I hate that.

Ok. Also.
If you think about the history of the universe as a year that goes by. Imagine that.
Big Bang happened the very first second the 1st of January. The present is the last second of 31st of December. 23:54 is when the human race develops. 23:59:50 is when the pyramids are build and one second before midnight is when Columbus discovered the new world.
This means that the human race has been in the universe for about 6 minutes. That makes my lifetime 0,16 seconds of the cosmic year.
Now how important am I really? I’m just a little piece of shit in all this major grandios thing. I mean come on people.
Sorry not sorry for what this realization may cause you now.
Perhaps what’s freaking me out the most is how cold, cynical, unpersonal, closed and rough the times we live in really are.
It’s a privilege to see a soul. To find a heart.
Here is a heart.
And a heart beats approximately 2,5 millions times during a lifetime.
Make them all great.
And remember you were light first, the body came way after.

Here’s a smashig and dashing good recipe for the soul:
1 dl Lindahls kvarg
2 dl milk
1 ripe avocado
2 dl water
1 lime juice and rasp
ice ice baby
Mix and drink! Voila!

Made a mash today from Willies brain:
“The chief”
3 power clean
6 push ups
9 air squats

5 min AMRAP
6 rounds the chief 30kg
assault bike for cal.
rest 2 min
5 min AMRAP
5 rounds the chief 35kg
assault bike for cal.
rest 2 min
5 min AMRAP
4 rounds the chief 40kg
assault bike for cal.
rest 2 min

Bye bye!




top 10

Hva gör vi nu, lille du?

Fabulous song that one. Thanks mum!

After work went down as a workout, one on a kind I’m telling ya!
From Cruz, the legend:

10 rounds of:
200m row
12 lateral burpees over the rower
rest 1 min

Wohaaa that was a  very sweaty one.

and then this happened:

5 rounds of:
10 cal ab
15 thrusters

Yeah. It got me like goddamn!! Nice! A good sweat is therapy to me. Would prolly lose my mind if I didn’t train. I mean it for real. Such a stress reducer. Relief times a thousand.

Ok here’s a list of things I want atm
1. Know how to speak fluent spanish.
2. Try every meal from Holy greens.
3. (And every praline from Peter Bier while we’re at it).
4. A new tattoo.
5. But I also wanna save money so I guess no is the answer to that.
6. Re-plant my tomato-plants outside but I have no idea how to do it and someone stole my pots…so they’re still inside.
7. A lighthouse by the sea. (Eeeeh where else would they be placed? I’m so stupid sometimes).
8. Someone to fold and hang my newly-washed clothes so I don’t have to.
9. A great awesome serie to watch. Any suggestions?!
10. 50kg snatch. A good one. All day every day.




Oh hey!

I was kinda mangled yesterday by Mardones, or Maradones as I like to call him. My hip has been pretty troublesome and I had zero clue about why it behaived that way.
Perhaps it had something to do with me not stretching ever since the Trojan horse was build.
Real deal strecthing and a painful massage was the cure. Like night and day lifting today. I’m so happy! Yeah, I should definetely dance lambada again!
Hurraaay! Thank you Maradones!

Also this was pain:
21 thrusters
300m run
15 thrusters
300m run
9 thrusters
300m run
Time: 9:27

Me and Bruce getting ready for Monday. Hit me! Or not. No. Please be gentle. I need that soft, bright light covering my life in a sweet shimmer.
I have so many bruises already.






I woke up in the “wolfhour”, wide-awake just like that. Having a sensation I wasn’t alone in the room.
I saw no one in my apartment and no one was hiding under my bed but…yeah. I had a wierd feeling. Can’t shake it of really.
Could go back to sleep though, not scared at all.
Do I have a guardian angel?

Up and away to training!
Had me some front squats, push press and press and this little one happened:
300m run
30m prowler push 45kg
Oh helloooo legzzzz, goodmorning!
I’m having so much fun with my programming from Robin, so grateful and glad he want’s to help me out. Major difference, major!

A list of things that might kill me except death:
-My bike.
No back breaks like I’m used to. Almost smashed into a commuterzombie today.

Have a good one!



Latest stuff

Hello Monday, you are welcome.

Had such a lovely day yesterday so I therefore hope this Sunday will content a huge jar full of joy for the rest of this week, I have a feeling!

Well, here’s my latest:
Clothes-buy: My dress from Zara. OMGOMGOMG can’t wait ’till I get to wear it. Must be a very special occasion.
Song: “Live ’till I die” by Elliphant.
TV-serie: The handmaids tale. Fiction you say? IDK, frightened as hell ‘cuz close to reality almost. Damn.
Book: Time by Alex & Sigge.
Food: Oatmeal extra everything.
Trip: Santa Pola with lil’ sis’ who’s BIRTHDAY IS TODAAAAY!!!! Hurraaaaay!!!! You are the best little sister in the history of ever! I hope you get your schedule soon so we can hang out in Gothenburg and do our fancy stuff!
App: Notes. Can’t remember a single thing without it.
Recieved text: “No way, really!!?”
Googling: Lyrics to “Live ’till I die” so I can sing along, loud and clear.
Tears: Ok. Yesterday. A song had me by my throat.
Laugh: Just a moment ago.
Crush: Always Rhianna.
Insight: “Be there or be square” is because you won’ be a-round. Lord. Took me 32 years.
Disappointment: Realizing I just don’t have the patience to straighten my hair.
Beautymust: Lipbalm!
Traning session: This morning, f i n a l l y a decent session. Among other stuff I made some back squats and practiced some kipping BFPU.



Back at it


A fresh start this week.

Back to Robins superprogram! Today went something like this:
Backsquats and due to the bikrayoga yesterday I felt bendy!
Clean and no feet jerk, awesome to have a barbell in hand again.
This little workout happened:
20 thrusters 20kg
200 m run
As many reps as possible in 12 minutes. I got 4 rounds and 7 thrusters.
Did the thrusters unbroken and that’s not because I’m good it’s because I’m lazy. Takes more of my engine to pick it up again so I might aswell go on.

Feels great to be back!!!

Gotta go to the bike-fixer-crib next door to pick up my bike. I wasn’t strong enough to fix the saddle myself so…ain’t nobody got TIME anyway.

Things I think we should do more:
-talk about our blessings.
-travel and explore.
-love more.
-compliment each other.
-eat more laxocado.
-dress up (talking to myself here, I have to step up my closet, really looking forward to it OF COURSE!!)
-eat more oatmeal.



Bad blood

Taylor Swift!

Finally on spotify. Hehe. Sitting here listening to Bad Blood, epic.

I’ve been on a vacay! Well needed, I’m back now and stronger than before.
At least in life.
Crazy ass tired when it comes to training thou. One week away (was also well needed) but the comeback is hard.
3 rounds:
50 double unders
25 wall balls
15 handstand pushups
5 squat clean
I. almost. died.

Aaaaanyway! Need a hip opener for realsies now. I need a good old massage and I need Bikram Yoga!! So I went this morning.
Feeling pretty loose and flexy right about now. Thank you Bikram 360.
Still, I wanted to flee out the window halfway through but didn’t. Focus focus focus and don’t react on every single feeling all the time. My problem. Great to work on that actually.

Oh! This lady WON her fight last night. She’s the goddamn Queen of the ring and she deserves to get everything she wants in life.
Whatta fight Livia, you knew you’d win so you did. You are the greatest. Well earned, no one earned this more than you. I love you!

You can call us Queen B and Nicki Minaj. Livia is Queen B because of course she won her Queen of the ring game last night and I’m Nicky because…well, listen to “I am your leader” and you’ll understand.


Let’s do this Sunday shall we? Imma get myself a bike. Red and shiny!


When in Stockholm.

What I’ve learned from my stay in Stockholm:

-That the feeling you get when you step into a room where 5 powerwomen wants to listen to what you’ve got to say is pretty awesome.
-That 2 months is a long wait.
-That I wanna ride a horse.
-Getting lost might help you end up in vegan-heaven with a view over the water.
-What Rickard III really means when he drops the oneliner: “My horse, my horse. My kingdom for a horse”.
-That I wanna drink champagne on a balcony next time.
-That I wish I was super rich so I could buy everything in the Adidas store.
-How to perform GHD-situps and DU’s in a much easier way.
-That I’m a doer.
-That I actually know how to use the subway, flights, buses and find my way in some wierd way.
-That I have two levels: either I’m super early or I’m super late.
-To listen to other people. Traveling alone makes you listen to other peoples conversations. Loooord I’ve heard some freaky stuff…
…like this one man who hides money from his wife on a secret bank account.
-How to endure in a really creepy hostel when sleeping with one eye open.
-That I like to guess peoples relationships by observing them from a distance.
-That I sound like a wierdo.
-That waking up Smiding fitness style means 80 minutes of work.
-That Emelie is so friggin’ great (already knew that though).
-That sitting here on a café eating breakfast by my computer makes me feel like a hipster. Uuuuuh.
-That Stockholm is nice but Malmö is home.
-That I really, really miss him.

Catch u on the flip side.



Hey you.

Can we talk a bit about washing my hair ‘cuz it takes forever and I’m exhausted now.
Can we talk about getting your bike stolen ‘cuz it happens to me all the time and it makes me kinda exhausted now.
Can we talk about todays workout ‘cuz it was nasty and it got me like I’m exhausted now.

I will be on an airplane four times in 2 weeks. And I’m really, re-heally afraid of flying. Isn’t it funny?
Anyway. I will bring my A-game.
“It’s good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new wierd way.”
That’ll be my mantra. I’m NOT afraid. I fear nothing. (Did you buy that?)

Then, along comes my lil’sis and we will spend a very well needed vacay in La viva Espaniaaa!! How about that? Aaaaah!

I don’t know what life wants from me now but I know what I want from life.
I’m longing for everything. I can barely breathe. What if life is the thing that begins now, in a heartbeat?
From 10.000 feet I can se the bigger picture and that’s a beautiful canvas I’m telling you. It’s magic.

Maybe I do know what life wants from me now. To be more like Zlatan for a while.
“Pressure is like medicine. Take it to get better.”
Another favorite I’ll use Wednesday at 9.00 a.m is this:
“I came in like a king, I left like a legend.”
Or maybe I can rely on my own strenght. I’m kinda tough when I have to.

Have a superday!



I don’t know…

who exchanged my legs to heavy beams of lead but if you can return them pretty immediate that’d be nice.

Squats happened. And so did squat clean and squat jerk and…Karen!
Karen is the classic crossfit wod:
150 wallballs. That’s it.
Well yeah.
That’s enough! Whoaaa. Paincave. But I was like 2:30 minutes faster than last time so…hard work pays of just like they say it does.

This weekend was over in a heartbeat. I’m sitting in Livias apartment as we speak, having coffee. We are partners in crime you see. If I tell you Imma have to kill you.

Good things this weekend:
Found out I’m a part of a bosslady trio. (Feel me Livia & Tove).
Got myself a new repeat song: Muziki
Ok ok so this does not belong to the weekend but I JUST recieved an email that placed butterflies in my belly…
…makes me feel like: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Nervous. AND EXCITED!!!
That pain ain’t got nothing on me. Eeeeh…or should I say more or less. Anyway, at the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think.
Picknick in the park with the incredible unstopable beauty Ida. Not all who wander are lost.
Bday bash in the sun of course.
Finally jammin’ with The sharp Clas project again. (Tomorrow we’ll do a Rhianna remix!)
That Saturday evening that is best described in one word: absofuckinglutely magical (that’s two, I guess words just ain’t enough.)
I’m blessed.

On a roll!